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Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Columbus, Ohio

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is through consultation and photos that we get the best sense of what our patients are envisioning.  As plastic surgeons our goal is to empower our patients through procedures and techniques that refine and restore.  Our success was built on excellent surgical skill and  a fierce belief in protecting our patients right to privacy.  In these days of instant internet information many offices post photos of their patients with little explanation of the actual surgical procedure. Excellent surgical outcome is based on the surgeons ability to assess the needs of the patient and choose the correct procedure for that patient, one size NEVER fits all.  Our preference is to sit down with our prospective patients to  understand their concerns, their personality and their lifestyle. It is during this consultation that we privately show and discuss our before and after photos. This ensures the utmost  respect of  privacy to those patients who so graciously allow us to share their Sullivan Centre experience. Here we will post a select few photos for educational purposes. Please contact our office for a personal private consultation so that we may offer a in-depth photo consultation.

Welcome to the photo gallery displaying a small sampling of our patients’ results. We hope you find these before and after plastic surgery photos helpful in your research about cosmetic and plastic surgery in Columbus, Ohio. We offer this actual patient photo gallery to give a realistic idea of what is possible. Individual results may vary. These photos do not guarantee your results.

We invite you to schedule your personal consultation so we may discuss your goals and possible surgical results more specific to you.

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