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Different strokes for different folks, Microbladed brows

When you see the words dramatic, dreamy, bold and delicate you know they all mean something different.  Each word is associated with its own characteristics.  Just like these words our microblading brows here at the Sullivan Centre look different for each person and have their own characteristics to match the patient’s features and personality.

One statement we get quite often is “I don’t want to do microblading ... click to read the complete post

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How to get Angelina Jolie Cheeks with Voluma …

Just like the apple hitting Isaac Newton on his head; gravity often hits us as we age with little or no warning.  One day we look in the mirror or look at an old photo from our wedding day and notice that our cheeks are not as full or as high as they use to be.  Gravity is a heavy hitter and as we age our facial ... click to read the complete post

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The Art of Rhinoplasty – Facial Plastic Surgeon


Hello. I’m Dr. Michael Sullivan, facial plastic surgeon at the Sullivan Center in Columbus, Ohio. I specialize in rhinoplasty surgery. I’m also a stone sculptor and I’m here with a small piece that I did many years ago of the nose and many times people will ask me, “Well, what do you do in your studio?” and I will tell them that what I do is ... click to read the complete post

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How often should I get Botox and how long does it last?

Hello my name is Dr Michael Sullivan, facial plastic surgeon at the Sullivan Centre in Columbus Ohio. I specialize in facial plastic surgery and I do allot of non-surgical facial enhancement with botox and fillers.

A question I’m often asked by my patients is “How often should I get Botox?” and that varys for the individual but in general I would say most of my patients come ... click to read the complete post


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