Does Breast Augmentation Affect Nipple Sensitivity?

Will You Lose Nipple Sensitivity After Breast Augmentation?

Women considering breast implants in Columbus desire breast augmentation surgery for a variety of reasons. Your breasts may have lost some of their fullness over time, or perhaps you’ve simply decided you want larger, more shapely breasts. A common question among women considering the procedure is whether they will retain nipple sensitivity after surgery.

When properly performed, breast augmentation seldom causes permanent loss of nipple sensitivity. Loss of sensation is usually attributed to stretched or damaged nerves.


Breast implants that are too large for your body can stretch the skin and damage nerve endings, resulting in loss of nipple sensation. Choosing properly sized implants can reduce this risk while still enhancing your curves. Dr. Christine Sullivan, a board certified plastic surgeon in Columbus, can advise you on implant sizing during your consultation.

The placement of your implants—submuscular or subglandular—can also affect the risk of losing nipple sensitivity. A Columbus breast augmentation specialist, Dr. Sullivan will walk you through your options during your consultation, explaining which incision sites are statistically more likely to help you retain full sensation.

Women most commonly ask about loss of sensation, but it is important to note that some women actually experience increased sensation in their nipples following breast implant surgery. Because breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, temporary changes in breast and nipple sensitivity after the procedure is normal. Your breasts will feel sore and tender, especially around the incision site, after the surgery.

It can take anywhere from a week to several months for feeling in your nipples to return to normal. For some women, increased nipple sensitivity continues after the healing process is complete. This increased sensitivity can present itself as pain or a tingling sensation.

You can reduce all risk factors of breast augmentation by choosing a board certified plastic surgeon who operates in an accredited facility. The majority of women who get Columbus breast augmentation are happy with the results and report no problems with nipple sensation.

To learn more about your individual needs and risks, schedule a consultation with Columbus, Ohio, plastic surgeon Dr. Christine Sullivan. She will conduct a medical examination, present realistic options, and answer all of your questions.

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