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The effects of aging are most evident on your face and neck. So it’s not surprising that facelift surgery has become the third most desired facial plastic surgical procedure. The term “lower facelift” most commonly refers to the lower third of the face and neck. A facelift (rhytidectomy) will give your face a more youthful, fresher look and in the process, boost your self-esteem.

Why have a facelift Columbus, Ohio?

In years past, face lift patients stayed in the hospital for three to four days after surgery and dropped out of society for months. When they reappeared, the changes were so dramatic that everyone knew they’d had plastic surgery.

Advancements in facelift surgery in recent years have come a long way. Today’s face results in a more natural appearance, longer-lasting improvement. In many cases, patients experience a faster recovery.

Facelift Recovery Process:

Most patients take 10-14 days off from work or social activities and report little to no pain. All patients are seen 2 days post-operative and again five days later. Most patients needs assistance for the first 48 hours. Patients are released to drive once they are off of pain medication. Sleep with the head elevated about their heart will help in healing. A few pillows or a recliner seem to be the most popular options for sleeping.

How much does a facelift cost in Columbus, Ohio?

With advancements in modern medicine and medical technology the fees for a lower facelift will vary. Fees are based on the exact nature of the procedure. Because we all age differently, your lower facelift will be customized to address your individual concerns. Upon consultation patients will receive an exact quote on fees. The “average cost of a facelift at The Sullivan Centre is between $8700-$9500. Upon consultation and examination we will provide you with an exact quote for the facelift procedure that would best address your individual concerns.

Facelift Associated Procedures:

Patients now have choices, such as a lower face lift, a mid-face lift, a mini face lift, and even a weekend face lift. With advancements in modern medicine and technology, experienced surgeons are now able to customize a surgical procedure in order to address very specific patient concerns. We invite you to learn more by choosing one of the following links:

Additional Procedures:

Additional Information:

Real Patient Review

Thank goodness for maintenance! I have been going to see Dr. Mike for a few years and strongly recommend him to anyone. When we first met we discussed my thoughts and issues and fears about looking different.

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What Customers are saying…
Glad I Did It. Columbus, OH


Review of Michael Sullivan, MD – Columbus, OH


Dr. Mike answerd all my questions. He and the staff gave me their cell phones before and after surgery in case I had questions. He has a great bedside manner. Showed me before and after pictures of others who had lower facelifts. The results are perfect and exactly what I wanted. My sister in law had him do some work on her eyes about 15 years ago. Knowing that and seeing her results made my decision easier to even have the procedure done.

65 Year Old Male – Columbus, OH


Dr. Sullivan is an outstanding plastic surgeon. He’s very professional yet he’s very down to earth and makes the whole process worth every penny. He has a staff that treats you like your their only patient. I can’t put into words how much I appreciate each and everyone who works there. If your thinking of having any facial procedures done you should go to the Sullivan Centre. You won’t be disappointed!!! In fact you’ll be completely satisfied that you chose the Sullivan Centre.

Lower Face Lift for an Old Guy – Columbus, OH

James Rowland

A longtime acquaintance,he is one of my favorite people,and,of course,a respected surgeon throughout the region.

59-year-old Aging Male in Need of an Improved Look – Columbus, OH


Dr. Sullivan is a low-keyed, but warm doctor who has an excellent reputation for providing quality plastic surgery. I felt comfortable with him during our first visit as well as post op. The results of his work on my face have been excellent and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to improve the look of their face. I feel better about how I look since the surgery and it has provided me with a confidence boost.

Facelift and Lower Bleph – Columbus, OH


I Might Be 53, but I Don’t Look It Anymore! – Columbus, OH


Tremendous bedside manner, calm, soothing, personal touch with follow through from the first visit right through the last follow up appointment almost two months later.

63 and Holding – Columbus, OH


His professional training and peer reviews are outstanding. That said, I had no prior cosmetic procedure experience so this was all a leap of faith for me. He made me feel comfortable with my decision and was straight forward with his answers. Don’t go in to any surgeon and say make me look like ‘this’. Go in with the expectation that he or she will make you look the best you. I would highly recommend Dr Sullivan to be that surgeon.

Dr. Michael Sullivan Changed My Life ! -Columbus, OH

Ken True

This procedure was not a covered expens by my provider. Regardless, it was worth every cent. Forget a new car and visit The Sullivan Center !!!!!!!! Ken True

Dr. Mike at the Sullivan Center is the Best! – Columbus, OH

A Fan

Dr. Mike is a master at what he does! I trust him completely!

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the facelift procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.