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“For years, I was rather conscientious of my “droopy” breasts.  At age 49, I was finally financially well-off enough to get (saline) breast implants.  That was 16 years ago.  (How they ever lasted that long is a miracle!)  Now, at age 65, I have found that, over the years, my skin has lost a lot of its elasticity and the weight of my implants were causing my breast to look “droopy” again.  I have always been afraid of my mammograms because of a possible rupture during the test.  I have been wanting to have my implants removed and finally bit the bullet and had Dr. Christine remove them.

Everything went better than I ever expected it to.  Every day I feel so glad that they are out and that everything went so well.  I sure can’t give Dr. Christine (she is very down-to-earth and calls herself Dr. Christine—love it!) anyway, I can’t say enough good things about her: friendly, informative, makes sure you are psychologically ready, etc.  Yes, she covers all the bases and I promise you that you will be in great hands if you decide to have any breast surgeries performed by her.

BTW, I have a tip for anyone who is considering an implant removal.  When you take a shower for the first couple of times, actually wear an old bra in the shower (yea, let it get wet…what the heck!) so that you have extra support at that early stage of healing.  Get out and then put your dry one back on.  Also, I have found that when you are ready to go without the sports bra (I bought the “Iron Maiden” from them) I found that when you start wearing your new bras, put on two of them at the same time for the extra support.  Do this for a week or so after the end of the sports bra wearing time (usually one month).  I am 5+ weeks post-surgery now and during the day, I wear two bras still, but will start going to one bra probably next week.  Also, I can now sleep “bra-less” at night (which I prefer) with absolutely no problem.  I am so thankful for the success of the procedure.  Dr. Christine, if you read this, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  (Sorry for the long story, but I thought it was worth telling.) ”                                                                                                                                                                                                              Susan  Breast patient Ohio

“Dr. Sullivan was an absolute joy to be a patient of. She went above and beyond my expectations. I feel fortunate to have found The Sullivan Centre.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    KK  Breast Augmentation patient Columbus, Ohio

” I was so nervous even thinking about plastic surgery. From the minute I walked into The Sullivan Centre I was treated with respect and dignity. I felt so comfortable with every person that I came in contact with. Dr. Christine Sullivan listened to my concerns and discussed my options. I am about 20 pounds overweight and Dr. Sullivan discussed with me the benefits of reaching my goal weight prior to surgery. I plan on having my surgery in December. I sincerely believe that any other surgeon would have happily taken my money and it was refreshing to have someone look out for my best interests. Thank you Dr. Sullivan for being such a compassionate and caring surgeon. We need more people like you in this world. ”  -T.O. Future Abdominoplasty  patient Upper Arlington, Ohio

“This was not a surgery- it was an experience. Thank you for exceeding my service and quality expectations! I am grateful to all. From the ladies of the office to the anesthesiologist, all were exceptional. I will continue to refer my family and friends to the Sullivan Centre.”                                                                                                                                                                          K.C.T. Capsulectomy,  Dublin, OH

“Of course I am totally partial to The Sullivan Centre. I have been coming here for several years. I recommend the Sullivan centre to anyone who wants to look great. I would not have been a patient for thirteen years if they were not great at what they do.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                 – D.F. Skin Care and other procedures

“I was so nervous about having my lifelong dream of  breast augmentation. I must have called the office one hundred times. The staff was always kind and never made me feel like my questions were silly (in retrospect I know that they were). Dr. Christine Sullivan was so patient prior to my surgery and explained everything until I had a complete understanding. The treatment of the staff made me even more confident in my decision. I am one year post operative and I cannot say enough about the care I received at the Sullivan Centre.”                  -S.B. Breast Augmentation 

“Thank you for genuinely caring about me and my procedure. The human element you bring to the table transcends the discipline of medicine in so many ways. I manage hundreds of smart people who have advanced doctorate degrees. If I could bottle up what you have and serve it as soup of the day to all of my computer scientists, my company and the world would be a better place filled with happiness. Thank you for being you—a great human doctor.”

—S.A., Liposuction patient

“If you wish to contact me  kenneth.true1@gmail.com, I would be very happy to speak with you and further describe my amazing experience with the Sullivan Centre … a “center of excellence.” From the minute I entered the dynamic interiors of this facility, I was literally treated like a prince … nothing less … and no, I did not receive a discount for this brief writing!!

My first step in regaining personal confidence was a serious weight loss of 50+ pounds. The process of cosmetic surgery was my essential second step. From my first conference to receiving a personal phone call from Dr. Sullivan in the late evening on the day of my surgery, this experience has proven to be the best choice I have made in thirty years. I am indebted to Dr. Sullivan for his skill and the fact that he did exactly what I requested and nothing more. Initially, I had concerns. Any concerns have now changed to my most sincere gratitude.

The staff at The Sullivan Centre is comprised of bright, elegant, and beyond cordial individuals who are both compassionate and hilariously witty and entertaining. Shouldn’t I have paid extra to meet such a stellar staff? I’ve made friends at the center and look forward to my return visits to simply say hello. Results … let me think … my ego has been lifted to the stars. At a recent family reunion in Maryland, I was besieged by my family who extolled the virtues of my surgery by Dr. Sullivan. I was almost embarrassed: well, ALMOST!

If you are considering any degree of surgery I encourage you to call The Sullivan Center without hesitation. Again, I would be more than happy to correspond with you or to speak to you personally. I should add that my dermatologist stated to me that ‘Dr. Sullivan is the only surgeon in Ohio who I would ever consider for surgery.’ It is clear to me that I have been fortunate to have been cared for by Dr. Sullivan and his phenomenal staff.”
—Ken True, Columbus, Ohio

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“I had surgery scheduled with another surgeon in the Columbus area, but something just did not feel right. I found Dr. Christine Sullivan through Realself.com. I felt her compassion and understanding through her answers to patient questions and knew that I wanted to speak with her myself before having surgery. Dr. Sullivan recommended that I consider VASER® Lipo instead of an abdominoplasty. In her professional opinion, the VASER® Lipo would produce a really nice result without the scaring that would be present with an abdominoplasty. I felt so comfortable with her direction that I scheduled surgery with her. I am so happy that I did. My abdomen looks great! If you are thinking about plastic surgery, you should really contact The Sullivan Centre.”
—S.D.G., VASER Liposuction patient

“I had a rhinoplasty at the age of 16. My parents were very nervous about even allowing me to schedule a consultation appointment. Dr. Mike spoke to all of us about maturity. I guess the way I always styled my hair to cover my face and nose convinced them that talking to someone may be helpful. We met Dr. Mike, and I felt very comfortable with him and his entire staff. My mom liked the way the Dr. Mike heard my concerns and addressed them with us. We all had a very good understanding about exactly how the surgery would be done. He suggested that we go home and sleep on it before making a decision. I wanted this very badly, but my parents took a few days to discuss things. I finally had my surgery. I cannot tell you hope great it has been for me. I think people actually look in my eyes when they speak with me—before I had always thought people were looking at my nose. I feel more comfortable going to social events and trying out for school activities. I know it sounds crazy, but Dr. Mike really changed my life. My mom says he changed her life too because I am such a happier person.”
—Morgan G., Rhinoplasty patient

“Everything about the Sullivan Centre is the ultimate in professionalism and dignity. As a patient, I appreciate knowing that when I come there, whether it’s for BOTOX® or for a more involved procedure such as my laser resurfacing, I am in the hands of the most thoroughly trained, most caring professionals anywhere. It feels as if, despite the huge number of patients you treat, you actually care about me as an individual, and that means a great deal to me.”
—E.C., longtime Sullivan Centre patient

“Dr. Mike was my professor during my residency at Ohio State in the 1990s. Even though I now practice near Chicago, I still visit Dr Mike’s office on a regular basis to learn how he incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology into his Facial Plastic Surgery practice. In addition, I’m able to observe how he has refined his techniques for the traditional procedures. Accordingly, I regard him as a friend, colleague, and life-long mentor.”
—Dan Danahey, MD, PhD

“The care of the entire staff was truly excellent. I was treated with kindness, friendliness, and the utmost professionalism.”
—T.T., Lower Facelift patient

“The Centre is great. You can tell that everyone loves what they do and enjoy being at work. It is a very happy and special environment.”
—M.B., Upper Facelift patient

“My experience with The Sullivan Centre was nothing short of amazing. I was so impressed with both the procedure and the post-operative care! I had very little discomfort, and I have never dealt with any other medical office that provides the level of care that you do. I was overwhelmed with the genuine concern from both Dr. Chris as well as the entire staff. I’ll never be able to express how thankful I am for the results. Thank you for making me look beautiful.”
—O.L., Liposuction patient

“I am thrilled with the care provided to me. I could not have asked for better care, information, or people throughout this procedure.”
—K.S., Laser Hair Removal patient

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long to have surgery! The procedure was much easier than I expected—in part due to the relaxed atmosphere and, of course, the expertise of Dr. Mike and his staff!”
—A.S., Rhinoplasty patient

“Amazing and caring staff! The procedure from start to finish was seamless. The attention to detail is much appreciated. We will recommend The Sullivan Centre again and again!”
—M.N., Eyelid Lift patient

“From the doctors to the receptionists—we would like to thank each and every one of you for your professionalism. This experience has weighed heavily on us because of all of the different procedures that I had done, and someone was always there to answer my many questions and concerns. This facility is top notch! I can guarantee you that I will be back (in the future) and will recommend you to anyone seeking to enhance themselves. Thanks to all of you for your friendliness!”
—L.P., Facelift, Abdominoplasty & Endoscopic Browlift patient

“The care and concern shown were beyond compare. You make the technical aspects of skin care and treatment understandable. Thank you.”
—J.C.,Skin Care patient

“I highly recommend your work! Your organized staff made things very easy. I felt very well cared for, and I am very grateful for that!”
—M.C., Facelift patient

“The staff and the physicians have been able to be reached throughout the entire process. You give the feeling you not only care, but that you want all to go well for each person.”
—C.H., Abdominoplasty patient

“I would like to take a moment to attempt an expression of my gratitude for all that you have done, particularly the pre- and post-operative care regarding my external rhinoplasty. I am absolutely delighted with the results. Dr. Sullivan and the staff were marvelous! The professionalism and empathy demonstrated by everyone relieved my anxiety and doubts related to the procedure. I was astonished at how little discomfort I felt afterward. I could not have imagined a better experience. Dr. Sullivan is extremely brilliant and talented; the staff is truly wonderful. To say ‘Thank you’ is simply inadequate.”
—R.R., Reconstructive Rhinoplasty patient, Columbus, Ohio

“I was pleased with how I was treated throughout. Dr. Sullivan’s first exam, her attitude, and her understanding of my concerns really put me at ease.”
—A.R., Liposuction patient

I have been arranging consults with Dr. Sullivan for years, and finally took the plunge and got my eyes done. Dr. Mike is a compassionate, talented, and understanding cosmetic surgeon who surrounds himself with a fabulous team – all of whom uphold his standards for excellence. I should have done this sooner. Dr. Mike clearly and concisely takes you through the process to help alleviate any concerns you might have. He manages expectations VERY well – the results of his work are outstanding!

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Thank goodness for maintenance! I have been going to see Dr. Mike for a few years and strongly recommend him to anyone. When we first met we discussed my thoughts and issues and fears about looking different. I didn’t want people to look at me and think I looked different, I wanted to look the same but better. He completely understood and has done a wonderful job of recommending procedures that I am comfortable with. I have had Botox in my forehead and filler in my lips and cheeks. I have never been disappointed when leaving the office. The entire staff is nice and helpful and the office is relaxing and beautiful.

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Dr. Chris was so fantastic. In the full year it took me to make the decision to have the procedure, she patiently saw me for two consultations. She spent so much time with me answering the same questions and being honest about what she felt were realistic results. I was very apprehensive about going under anesthesia and she patiently answered many questions about that and was also very understanding. She was very good about putting herself in my shoes. The office is a comfortable, non-threatening place and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it nor would I hesitate to go back myself!

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