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When it comes to breast implants Columbus, Ohio Dr. Chrisitne Sullivan is an expert on helping women choose the correct size breast implant. Implants come is various shapes and sizes and the breast implant size best suited to you will be determined by your body type and expectations. Patients scheduled for breast augmentaiton surgery Columbus, Ohio are required to have a pre-operative and breast implant sizing appointment a minimum of three weeks prior to surgery. During this appoitnemnt, you will have time to try on breast implants to help determine your comfort level with different breast implant sizes. Being a woman and a board certified plastic surgeon gives Dr. Christine Sullivan a special prespective regarding breast implant size and breast augmentaiton surgery and she will assist you in making your final implant decision.


Reasons to consider Breast Implants Columbus, Ohio

  • To achieve fuller breasts
  • To recapture pre-pregnancy breast size
  • To add volume following weight loss
  • To achieve natural symmetry
  • To balance your overall figure

If any of these conditions describe you, contact us to schedule a meeting with Dr. Christine Sullivan, a board certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in breast implants in Columbus, Oh. During your breast augmentation consultation, you will share your goals, ask questions about the breast augmentation procedure and breast augmentation recovery recovery, view before and after pictures, and get to try on a sizing bra and implant sizers. Lifestyle plays a large part in the size you choose, and Dr. Sullivan will help you determine the size that best suits you.

Breast Augmentation Procedure:

The technique used for breast augmentation surgery depends on the results you are seeking. Dr. Sullivan can make the incision in several different places. She will discuss the location that best suits you during your consultation.

During breast enlargement surgery, Dr. Sullivan creates a pocket, typically below the pectoral muscle, to house the implant. Then, using careful and sterile techniques, she inserts the implant into the pocket. Once the incisions are sutured, your healing begins.

At The Sullivan Centre, we always put safety first. Our ambulatory surgical center has been licensed by the State of Ohio and accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). We have achieved a near zero percent infection rate. Dr. Sullivan uses Mentor breast implants– the only breast implants made in the USA. Furthermore, we only use board certified anesthesiologists for all of our operations.

The breast augmentation procedure in Columbus, Ohio is performed at The Sullivan Centre and will take approximately one and a half hours under anesthesia. The breast augmentation is performed on an outpatient basis, therefore you can recover in the comfort of your own home. Most women can return to work in one week and can resume normal exercise in a few weeks.

All individual pre and post-operative needs will be discussed with our nursing team during your comprehensive pre-operative appointment.

Breast Augmentation Post-Op Results:

Following breast augmentation surgery Dr. Christine Sullivan prescribes the use of a pain pump, a tiny catheter that is inserted directly into your surgical site to deliver medication to numb the surgical site for the first 72 hours, making your recovery more comfortable while promoting quicker healing. Following your breast augmentation surgery:

  • You will no longer need padded bras.
  • Your new natural-looking curves will allow you more fashion choices.
  • You may experience greater confidence.

Most women are able to return to work after one week and resume exercise after four weeks. The specific risks and possible complications with breast augmentation will be discussed at your consultation.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost in Columbus, Ohio?

The total Fee for breast augmentation surgery will vary based on your geographical area. At The Sullivan Centre in Columbus, Ohio the total fee for silicone breast implants (breast augmentation surgery) is about $6400. The total fee for saline breast implants (breast augmentation surgery) is about $6000.

Real Patient Review

Dr. Chris was so fantastic. In the full year it took me to make the decision to have the procedure, she patiently saw me for two consultations. She spent so much time with me answering the same questions and being honest about what she felt were realistic results. I was very apprehensive about going under anesthesia and she patiently answered many questions about that and was also very understanding. She was very good about putting herself in my shoes. The office is a comfortable, non-threatening place and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it nor would I hesitate to go back myself!

-posted on third party review site

Associated Procedures:

  • Mastopexy (breast lift) is sometimes recommended to improve the overall position of your breasts. This procedure is performed at the same time.

Breast Augmentation Additional Information:

To learn more about breast augmentation, choose a link below:

What Customers are saying…
My implants changed from saline to silicone – Great Experience – Columbus, OH


Dr. Chris Sullivan is an excellent surgeon and I recommend her to anyone. Thank you for expertise and caring.

Age 64, Revision to Correct Implant Size – Columbus, OH


Dr. Chris is professional, courteous, positive, caring, thorough and an excellent surgeon! She is located at: The Sullivan Centre, 7706 Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio 43235.

54 Years Old and Still Young at Heart – Columbus, OH


My Dr. took a generous amount of time counseling me before the surgery, both regarding my reasoning, expectations, and proper fit. She is very easy to talk to, and will continue to monitor my healing progress. I feel as though I could call her at any time, and receive personal, and caring advise.

My Redo Review – Columbus, OH

Victoria Rossi

My Dr. took a generous amount of time counseling me before the surgery, both regarding my reasoning, expectations, and proper fit. She is very easy to talk to, and will continue to monitor my healing progress. I feel as though I could call her at any time, and receive personal, and caring advise.

Dr. Chris – Columbus, OH


The best…period

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We encourage you to experience the special environment at the Sullivan Centre by calling 614-436-8888 or contact us online.

The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Breast Augmentatiom procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.