Chin Implant ~ Chin Augmentation

Chin Implants

A weak chin can distort an otherwise attractive face. It can ruin your profile and lead to a lack of self-confidence. Chin augmentation using surgical chin implants can alter the underlying structure of your face to better balance your facial features and improve your facial harmony. As a result, you can regain your self-esteem.

Why have a chin implant or chin augmentation surgery?

Chin implant/chin augmentation surgery can change the appearance of a receding chin by increasing its projection. It can also balance your face by making your chin longer as compared to your nose.

There are several manufacturers of chin implants. For the most part, the implants we use at The Sullivan Centre are made from an inert solid silicone rubber material. This material is safe and has been used for many years, not only in chin implants, but in many artificial implanted medical devices.

Chin Implant / Chin Augmentation Procedure:

To augment your chin, Dr. Sullivan begins by making either a small incision in your mouth or an extended incision under your chin. The risk of infection is generally higher if the incision is inside your mouth, although a strict post-operative oral hygiene regime can decrease this risk. During your consultation, Dr. Sullivan will determine the appropriate method with you.

Dr. Sullivan then puts the chin implant in place and secures it. Finally, he sutures the incision closed.

Chin Implant Post-Op Results:

The results are immediate. Most patients are very satisfied with their results, although it may take you some time to get used to your new appearance.

Dr. Sullivan places the external incision (when used) in a natural skin crease under the chin. The resulting scar is very well hidden.

How much does a chin implant cost in Columbus, Ohio?

The average total fee for chin augmentation or chin implant surgery in Columbus, Ohio is between $2700-3600 depending on the type of anesthesia. There is a discounted rate when chin augmentation is performed with a rhinoplasty surgery. An exact quote will be given upon consultation and examination.

Real Patient Review

I can always remember disliking my profile; my jaw line is good, but something was missing. As I grew older, I realized that my chin, which I love from the front, wasn’t quite satisfying from the side. Recently I have been more and more concerned with it, and I realized that you only have one life and there is absolutely no reason not to be completely happy with yourself. I did extensive research on chin surgeries and ultimately decided that an implant would be perfect for me. I found an amazing surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. (Dr. Michael Sullivan)

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What Customers are saying…
Much-Needed Chin Augmentation. Columbus, OH


Dr. Michael Sullivan of the Sullivan Center in Worthington, Ohio did an excellent job. His staff was very professional, and the doctor is very accessible in answering any concerns and questions. Masterly done.

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the chin implant procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.