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Neck Lift ~ Platysmaplasty

We all have a platysma muscle on each side of the neck that stretches from our clavicle to our upper face. As we age, the left and right sides of the platysma muscle tend to separate in the mid-line and lose tone and elasticity. When the platysma separates, it also thickens, creating prominent vertical folds of skin on the front of our neck called platysmal bands.

Why have a neck lift and platysmaplasty?

Platysmplasty is a surgical neck lift procedure to suture the ends of the two platysma muscle back together. It is commonly performed in combination with a lower facelift.

Neck Lift:

To correct the irregularity created by separated platysma muscles, Dr. Michael Sullivan stitches the free edges of the muscle back together. Then he tightens them so that the muscle can return to its sheet-like shape. The incision is very small and well hidden under your chin. This procedure is typically performed with a lower facelift.

Neck Lift Post-Op Results:

Neck Lift and platysmaplasty will not correct any type of jowling. Jowling procedures are best addressed by a lower facelift. The platysmaplasty can enhance the results of a lower facelift by addressing the vertical neck folds. If these bands are not addressed with a facelift, they will quickly reappear after surgery.

Neck Lift Cost:

There are several factors which determine the price of a neck lift or a platysmaplasty. Upon consultation and examination Dr. Sullivan will recommend a treatment plan and the cost of a neck lift will be quoted.

Real Patient Review

I have been a patient of Michael Sullivan for over 12 years. I have had numerous procedures. I have always been pleased with the results. As I keep aging (I am 62) I will have a face lift and I will choose Dr. Mike.

-posted on third party review site

Associated Procedure:

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the platysma plication procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.