FAQ Facial Plastic Surgery

Our goal has always been to make sure that our patients have enough information to make an informed decision regarding plastic surgery Columbus, Ohio.  The following questions are those frequently asked by patients and Dr. Sullivan’s answers:

Facelift Columbus, Ohio Questions:

How much does a facelift cost?”

Will facelift  incisions be visible?”

“How long will I need to be off work after a facelift?”

“Does a facelift hurt?”

“What will I look like after my facelift surgery?”

Rhinoplasty Columbus, Ohio Questions:

 “How will my nose look after rhinoplasty surgery?”

“Why should I choose Dr. Sullivan  to perform my rhinoplasty?”

“Does rhinoplasty surgery hurt?”

“How much does rhinoplasty surgery cost?”

“Will it be obvious that I had a rhinoplasty surgery?”

“Will my nose be packed after rhinoplasty surgery?”

“Will I have black eyes after rhinoplasty?”



Eyelid Lift Columbus, Ohio Questions:

” How do you know the amount of skin to remove with an eyelid lift?”

“Is it possible that I will not be able to close my eyes afterwards?”

“How long will I be off work following eyelid surgery?”

Will the scars be visible following eyelid surgery?”

“Will I have stitches following eyelid surgery?”

“How long after an eyelid surgery until I can wear make-up ?”

“How much does eyelid surgery cost?”


Skin Resurfacing Columbus, Ohio Questions:


“Will laser resurfacing make my skin smooth?” 

“How can I fix my acne scarring?”

“How long will my skin be red following laser resurfacing?”

How can I get rid of the age spots on my skin?

“Is laser resurfacing painful?”

“Will my skin color be even following laser resurfacing?”

When Can I wear make-up following laser surgery?

“How much does laser cost?”  






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