Liposuction Q&A

How much does Liposuction cost in Columbus, Ohio?

At the Sullivan Centre in Columbus, Ohio, Liposuction surgery cost is based on a number of factors including the areas to be liposuctioned, the time to complete the liposuction surgery and the type of anesthetic needed for a safe and successful result. There is a professional fee $2000 for the first area of liposuction, $1500 for the second area of liposuction and $1000 for each additional area of liposuction. The facility fees and anesthesia fees are based on time needed to complete the procedure and can only be quoted upon consultation.

How close should I be to my ideal weight if I am considering liposuction?

Liposuction is most effective when removing the areas that cannot be improved with diet and exercise. Patients who are close to their ideal weight are the best candidates. Upon your liposuction consultation and examination, Dr. Sullivan will be able to access your body and answer your specific questions.

Is there a limit to how much liposuction surgery is safe at one time?

Board certified plastic surgeons have countless hours of training in the art of liposuction. There is a limit on the maximum amount of tumescent fluid that can be taken safely. Dr. Christine Sullivan is a board certified plastic surgeon who has been trained to safely and effectively perform liposuction surgery.

Is there any aftercare with liposuction surgery?

Following liposuction surgery, lipo patients wear a compression garment to cover the treatment area. This garment is snug fitting and will keep the areas of treatment from significantly swelling. Dr. Sullivan instructs her liposuction patients to wear a surgical compression garment 24 hours a day for 4 weeks and an additional week at night. Flying is also restricted for several weeks.

Is lipo painful?

The amount of discomfort will vary from patient to patient. Most patients report a feeling of soreness for s few days after liposuction surgery. Some patients may also experience bruising.

Can liposuction be performed while I am awake?

There may be anesthetic choices available for lipo patients. The number of treatment areas, the size of the treatment areas, and your health history will help determine which anesthetic options are suitable for your liposuction surgery. During your liposuction consultation, Dr. Sullivan will discuss your individual options with you.

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Dr. Chris was so fantastic. In the full year it took me to make the decision to have the procedure, she patiently saw me for two consultations. She spent so much time with me answering the same questions and being honest about what she felt were realistic results. I was very apprehensive about going under anesthesia and she patiently answered many questions about that and was also very understanding. She was very good about putting herself in my shoes. The office is a comfortable, non-threatening place and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it nor would I hestiate to go back myself!

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Liposuction procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.