Male Eyelid Surgery

Male Eyelid Surgery for Men (Blepharoplasty)

The most common aging related facial plastic surgery for men is eyelid surgery. Depending on the situation, men can benefit from both upper and lower eyelid surgery.

Hooding of the upper eyelid skin is almost always addressed with an upper eyelid surgery called an upper blepharoplasty. This is a minor, relatively painless procedure which can be done under a local anesthetic with one week of recovery time.  The result is a fresher, cleaner appearance of the upper eyelid area. The upper eyelid Columbus, Ohio scar is hidden in the upper eyelid crease.

Lower eyelid “bags” or lower eyelid puffiness can result not only from aging but can also be inherited.  Lower eyelids Columbus, Ohio surgery is slightly more complicated in that there are a number of ways to approach the lower eyelids depending on each individual’s circumstances. Lower eyelid “bags” or puffiness is a result of herniated lower eyelid fat. Unfortunately there isn’t a non-surgical way to correct the herniated fat problem.  The unwanted fat can either be removed or repositioned with an out-patient procedure and minimal downtime. This procedure restores a more rested and youthful look to the eyelids.

Wrinkle changes around the eyes can be successfully treated with Botox Cosmetic and resurfacing options such as chemical peels, plasma resurfacing or Co2 laser resurfacing

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Eyelid Lify procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.