Male Facelift Columbus Ohio

Male Facelift Surgery – Face Lift Surgery for Men

The majority of facelift patients in the nation and in Columbus, Ohio are women. However, in recent years an increasing number of men are opting for this surgical procedure because of its long lasting results and, in some cases, minimal downtime.  Male facelift incisions are hidden in natural creases and wrinkles eliminating the signs of male facelift Columbus, Ohio surgery. In addition, men typically have a more ruddy facial skin color which aids in scar camouflage. Rapid healing is also promoted by the increased vascular bearded skin in men. Often male facelift Columbus, Ohio patients can resume work and normal activities ten days after the procedure. Surprisingly, most patients find facelift surgery not to be uncomfortable and may use only Tylenol during the recovery process.

Another surgical option to eliminate the male “turkey waddle” (hanging neck skin) is by having the skin directly excised. This procedure results in a midline neck scar which is made more acceptable by creating several smaller scars joined like a zipper. This type of scar is also less visible in bearded skin. Direct surgical excision of neck skin can be done under a local anesthetic in about an hour and the recovery period is about a week.

Lower face Ulthera is proving to be an excellent alternative for men interested in a non-surgical Facelift   for improving jaw line definition and jowl tightening. Submental liposuction can be used by itself or in combination with Ulthera to further define the jaw-neck line, eliminate fullness under the chin and improve the “turkey waddle” (hanging skin under the chin) that some men develop.  Submental liposuction requires a weekend for recovery while Ulthera requires no recovery time.

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Male Facelift procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.