Kybella Chin Fat Reduction Injection

What is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable chemical which destroys targeted fat cells. Kybella is safe and effective in the treatment of fullness under the chin, also known as the submental area. Kybella is manufactured by Allergan the makers of Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm and Voluma.

How do I know if I am potential candidate for Kybella?

Are you concerned with fullness in the chin area? The area under the chin is also referred to as the submental area.  Fullness under the chin or submental fullness can distract from a balanced and harmonious facial appearance leading to an older and heavier look. Men as well as women can be affected by fullness under the chin.

Why do I have fat under my chin?

This accumulation of fat cells under the chin is influenced by a number of factors including aging, genetics and weight gain. We often hear from patients that the fullness in their chin areas can be traced back for generations.

What are my options for correcting chin fat?

Unfortunately these submental fat calls are often times resistant to the changes that can occur with diet and exercise which makes the assistance of a board certified facial plastic surgeon necessary.  With advancements in modern medicine and technology there are now several different treatment options which may help you feel more comfortable with your chin area.

Submental liposuction:

Until very recently, liposuction has been the principle option for removing unwanted fat collections in both the submental area and elsewhere in the body.  Most submental (under the chin) liposuction involves a surgical procedure which can often be done under local anesthetic, in an accredited facility, as an outpatient. This particular submental liposuction procedure requires minimal recovery time of no more than two days. Patients are unlikely to have excessive swelling or bruising with the submental liposuction procedure.  

Removal of chin fat and tightening of the loose skin:

In addition to unwanted chin fullness, some patients will also have excessive looseness of the skin under the chin.  This skin envelope may not contract completely after submental liposuction.  In this case patients may require skin lifting in conjunction with the submental liposuction. Many patients may benefit from an Ulthera Ultrasound Tightening treatment. An Ulthera skin treatment after submental liposuction does not add any additional time to the recovery. Both submental liposuction and Ulthera are relatively painless procedures that complement each other to produce a marked result.  Ulthera is the only FDA tested and approved non-surgical skin tightening treatment.



Individuals who are averse to having surgery may find Kybella to be an acceptable alternative. Kybella is injected with a very fine needle into the fat layers under the skin. It will lysis and destroy the fat cells in the targeted submental area. These submental fat cells will not return. The amount of fullness in the chin area usually dictates how much of the Kybella product is injected and how many injection sessions are required to produce an acceptable cosmetic result.

Kybella patients will likely experience swelling and mild discomfort initially.  Both of these side effects typically resolve quickly. Bruising, numbness and slight redness are also known to occur. Most patients require between two and three treatments which are spaced about one month apart.

In the initial FDA (Federal Drug Administration) clinical trial study, over sixteen hundred patients worldwide were treated with Kybella. Sixty-eight percent of the “test study” patients responded to Kybella injections and seventy-nine percent reported satisfaction with their cosmetic appearance after their injection.

Cool Sculpting Treatment:

An additional treatment option for unwanted fat under the chin is cryolypolysis with the Cool Sculpting device.  In this FDA approved treatment, controlled cooling is used to destroy the unwanted fat cells. A suction cup is applied to the skin under the neck for approximately one hour.  The cooling produced by the Cool Sculpting feels similar to holding ice cubes against the skin and the skin will become numb very quickly. This treatment is also relatively painless.  With the Cool Sculpting procedure the destroyed fat calls are slowly absorbed into the body. These absorbed fat cells do not return. Up to two Cool Sculpting treatments may be necessary for satisfactory cosmetic results.


Which treatment is the best for removing chin fullness?

Unwanted fat under the chin can be treated successfully with several different treatment options. Which option is right for you is dictated by a number of factors. Some of these factors include the desired or expected improvement and available downtime.  During your consultation and examination appointment, Dr. Michael Sullivan will listen to your concerns, discuss the benefits and risks of the available treatment options, and recommend a treatment plan customized to your needs.  The expected results for each treatment will also be discussed as our goal is to meet your expectations within the limitations of each treatment.

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Kybella procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.