Micro Needling Radio Frequency (INFINI)

Micro Needling Radio Frequency (Infini) is the newest device we are using to tighten and smooth the skin. Dr. Michael Sullivan is very excited about this device which combines micro-needling with radiofrequency heat. The Sullivan Centre is the first office in Ohio to offer Infini treatments.

How does Infini work?

Infini RF is a series of treatments that work with the body’s natural healing process. Over a course of two to five treatments we are stimulating the collagen building properties of the skin. When the microscopic needles pass through the skin, Infini RF applies heat directly to the skin’s collagen layer. Micro Needling Radio Frequency ( Infini) delivers the heat directly to the dermal layer where tightening occurs.

Is Infini uncomfortable?

Micro Needling Radio Frequency (Infini) is minimally invasive and associated with minimal discomfort. The procedure,which takes about an hour, is tolerated well with just a prescriptive topical anesthetic cream and Tylenol.

You will feel a slight pressure during this treatment. We will work with you to maximize your comfort level. Patients report varying degrees of discomfort as each person has a different tolerance. A customized prescriptive topical numbing medication works well for most of our patients.

Is Infini safe.

Infini is a safe procedure. The FDA has approved Infini for skin tightening in the face. However, Micro Needling Radio Frequency (Infini) is being used on other body areas with good results.

How long is downtime with Infini?

Infini Recovery is quite minimal with three to seven days of visible reaction, This can be pink to red to bronze. All of this can be covered by using a mineral product. This mineral camouflage is available for purchase at the Sullivan Centre. There may also be slight swelling, bruising and some break-out. Response varies per patients depending on the level of treatment and desired outcome. Sun avoidance following an Infini treatment is a must. The best sunscreen options will be discussed during your Infini appointment.

What areas can be treated with Infini Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency has been treated with great success on the entire face, neck and chest. Some patients may choose to do a full face and neck treatment, some patients may choose to only have a focal area treated. An infini treatment can be customized to address your individual areas of concern. During your comprehensive consultation appointment we will discuss your concerns and customize a plan for you to achieve your maximum results.

How Long Before I see Results?

You can expect to see changes as soon as you have the procedure done. Your body will continue to rebuild collagen for several weeks following your treatment; Final results are typically complete at 6 months. Multiple treatments will maximize results. The best results come with three separate treatments usually spaced a month or so apart. Number of recommended treatments and the scheduling of these treatments are determine by condition of skin and desired outcome.

Your are a candidate for the Infini treatment if:

  • You want to improve brown spots
  • Your want to improve lines
  • You want to improve deep wrinkles
  • You want to improve crepe like texture
  • You want to tighten tissue
  • You want to improve the look of the skin around the eye area
  • You want to improve the look of the skin on the upper lip
  • You want to improve facial scars
  • You want to improve acne scars
  • You want an overall better appearance of the skin of the face, neck or chest.
  • You are not a candidate for the Infini treatment if:
  • You have a metal allergy (Infini needles are gold plated)
  • You have any facial metal pins
  • You have any facial implants
  • You have an acute inflammatory disease (other than acne)
  • Your have hemorrhagic disease
  • You have an uncontrolled diabetic condition or complication
  • You have any major medical complications
  • You have a tendency for keloid formation (raised scarring)
  • You have a cardiac pacemaker
  • You have an implanter defibrillator
  • You are pregnant

How do I know if Infini is the right treatment for me?

Every patient at The Sullivan Centre has a comprehensive consultation appointment where all options and treatment plans are discussed. Allow us to use our expertise, experience and knowledge to direct you to the right treatment plan for you.

How much does an Infini treatment cost?

The cost of the infini treatments are based on the specific areas of treatment. You will receive a cost analysis based on the recommended treatment plans.

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