What Is Volbella?

JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® with lidocaine is the latest in FDA Approved dermal fillers. Volbella is specifically formulated for treatment for the lips and peri-oral area.  This filler is unique in that it is designed not only for gentle restoration of natural looking lip volume, it can also be used for defining lip contours, treating oral commissures, smoothing fine ‘smoker’ lines around the lips and supporting the ‘marionette’ lines down the chin. It is also ideal for accentuating the lips, plump them to add subtle fullness and enhancing the Cupid’s bow.

How do JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® lip injections work?

Volbella was developed by Allergan, the manufactures of Botox Cosmetic. By using Allergan’s  Vycross technology, JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® with lidocaine is formulated with a combination of  high and low molecular weight technology. This more effective cross-linking results in less swelling. The Vycross technology delivers an ultra-smooth gel, which results in a natural look and feel, as well as improved duration.

This unique technology allows Volbella to absorb less water which results in considerably reduced swelling compared to other fillers. Not only is there less downtime, Volbella contains lidocaine which makes Injection treatment more comfortable. Results last up to twelve months.


How long will Juvederm Volbella last?

Recent studies by Allergan report that results can last up to a year.


What should I expect after a JUVÉDERM® VOLBELLA® treatment.

Following a Volbella injection there is virtually no swelling or bruising therefore normal daily activities can be resumed immediately after the treatment. You will be provided with an ice pack after the injection, which lessens the redness and swelling. Swelling may cause your lips to evaporate moisture more rapidly. Keep them coated with Chap Stick, Lip balm or Vaseline for 24/48 hours.


How much does Volbella Cost?

Volbella is $400 per syringe. The average patient is happy with one syringe however this will vary based on the needs of the patient.

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Volbella procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.