Microblading Eyebrows, Columbus Ohio


MICROBLADING: Eyebrow Microblading


Microblading is a semi-permanent procedure used to make eyebrows appear fuller. Our trained aestheticians use hair-like strokes placing pigment into the layer just below the skin called the dermis. This technique is performed by hand without the aid of machines which ensures patient will receive an individualized result to best suit their features.

Our aestheticians perform this semi-permanent procedure by using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigment matched to your specific color to artistically placing hair-like strokes forming a natural looking eyebrow. This procedure is used to partially replace missing or thinning eyebrow hair. Our aestheticians have been fully trained so that only the most discerning eye will know it is not your real hair.

If you are tired of penciling in your eyebrows Microblading may be a great choice for you.


Am I a candidate for Microblading?

During an initial consultation our aestheticians will listen to your concerns and discuss the risks and benefits of Microblading.


Is Microblading painful?

This procedure can be slightly uncomfortable. We will discuss numbing options with you.


What are the side effects of Microblading?

Most patients experience slight inflammation immediately following the procedure. The area may slightly and lightly scab. Your eyebrows may appear darker immediately following the treatment however will fade over a 2 week period to reach your desired result. Patients are encouraged to visit the office after one month for a touch up treatment. Your brows should last up to 18 months.

How much does Microblading cost?

The cost for a Microblading session is $550. This fee includes eyebrow shaping 2-3 days prior to your treatment, healing balm and one complimentary 5-6 week touch-up if needed.

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Microblading procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.