VISIA™ Skin Analysis

VISIA™ Skin Analysis

Our Philosophy

The Sullivan Centre philosophy includes prescriptive skin care. Dr. Michael Sullivan personally sees all of our skin care patients before receiving any treatment. He will suggest medically proven products and services to address your specific needs. Our skin care specialists will serve as your concierge through this process. Our Team specializes in microdermabrasion, ultrasound, Infini, Untherapy, Microblading, Hydro Plus Treatments and various facial peels. Our Team works directly with Dr. Sullivan when it comes to light therapy, skin resurfacing, and skin tightening procedures. By combining experience, relaxation, and medicine, The Sullivan Centre skin care team strives to make your experience a unique one. We make beautiful things by combining art and science.

What is a VISIA™ skin care analysis?

VISIA™ skin analysis in Columbus is the first photographic imaging tool for skin care. It provides clinical measurement of surface and subsurface facial conditions. VISIA™ captures multi-spectral photos of your face, examining your complexion for wrinkles, large pores, rough texture, evidence of bacteria (porphyrins), UV spots from overexposure to the sun, and pigmented changes in the skin. Additionally, VISIA™ grades your skin features relative to the skin of others who are the same age and have a similar skin type.

Is VISIA™ painful?

No. VISIA™ is no different from having your photograph taken.

How would a VISIA™ skin care analysis benefit me?

Based on the skin analysis profile, we will customize a facial rejuvenation program using products and treatments clinically proven to address your individual needs. VISIA™ is not only used to initially evaluate the skin, but is also an excellent tool to assess the improvement of your skin from treatments and topical therapy. With VISIA™, we can measure the effectiveness of your skin care program over time.

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