Ultherapy ~Ulthera Skin Tightening

Ultherapy or Ulthera Skin Tightening  is a non-invasive procedure that tightens the skin with no surgery, no scarring and no downtime.

Why Choose Ultherapy?

With Ultherapy or Ulthera Skin Tightening,your facial skin will look and feel tighter. Results can be detected immediately, but continue to improve with time. Ultherapy or Ulthera Skin Tightening was initially approved by the FDA for brow and forehead tightening, however, it was found to be equally effective when used around the eyes, along the jawline and on the neck. Studies are currently underway to evaluate Ultherapy on the arms, legs, abdomen and breast.

Who is a candidate for Ultherapy?

Everyone with loose skin of the face and neck is a potential candidate. Ultherapy, Ohio is not a substitute for a surgical facelift and cannot achieve the amount of improvement which comes with a facelift. Ultherapy is an option for individuals with loose face or neck skin who:

  • Do not want to undergo surgery
  • Are not a surgical candidate because of medical condition, age or degree of laxity
  • Want immediate improvement, but cannot afford the downtime
  • Have already had surgery, but would like some additional tightening
  • Had a previous facelift, but are not interested in undergoing a facelift revision procedure

Dr. Sullivan can help you determine if Ulthera is right for you.

Ultherapy or Ulthera Skin Tightening Procedure:

Ultherapy is performed in the office. A full face and neck procedure may take up to one and a half hours. The ultrasonic heat, which is applied to the skin, can be a little warm. Patients are advised to take a mild oral sedative before the procedure to assist with comfort. The Ultherapy applicator, when applied to the skin, assists in pin pointing the correct depth of treatment for maximum results. Several application passes may be needed in areas of greater laxity. There are no visible signs of treatment immediately afterward other than skin tightening.  Normal activities can be resumed immediately.

Ultherapy Post- Op Results:

Ultherapy Results can be detected immediately, but will continue to improve with time. These results are expected to persist for up to two years. It is not recommended that Ulthera be repeated more often than every twelve months.

How much does Ulthera in Columbus, Ohio Cost?

The fees for Ultera Skin Tightening or Ultherapy will vary based on the  treatment areas.  Fees range from $1000-$6000.

Click on the link to view before and after photos: 1000879mkt_revd_patient-before-and-after-photos—brow


Ultherapy has been highlighted in SELF magazine, on the View, EXTRA,  Morning Joe, and Good Morning America. To learn more visit:  Ultherapy Highlighted in the Media



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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to the Ulthera procedure will be discussed at your initial consultation.