Waxing in

Our Philosophy

The Sullivan Centre philosophy includes prescriptive skin care. Dr. Michael Sullivan personally sees all of our skin care patients before receiving any treatment. He will suggest medically proven products and services to address your specific needs. Our skin care specialists will serve as your concierge through this process. Our Team specializes in microdermabrasion, ultrasound, waxing and various facial peels. Dr. Sullivan works hand in hand with our skin care team when it comes to light therapy, skin resurfacing, and skin tightening procedures. By combining experience, relaxation, and medicine, The Sullivan Centre skin care team strives to make your experience a unique one. We make beautiful things by combining art and science.

Our skin care specialist offers various waxing services from eyebrows to legs. These are especially beneficial to patients who have undergone surgery, as the delicate state of the skin must be protected during a Columbus waxing service. Under the direction of Dr. Michael Sullivan, our specialist uses the best products available for waxing post-operative skin while ensuring that the integrity of the skin is not compromised.

Waxing fee will be quoted upon consultation.

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