Breast Augmentation and Bathing Suit Frustration

A group of friends decided to have a breast augmentation. (This is not the beginning of a joke, but a true story) This group of women all made the decision over the last few years to do something about   “bathing suit frustration” syndrome. “Bathing suit frustration” is that horrible feeling that many of us get every spring when we go from 37 degrees in Columbus, Ohio to a balmy 82 degrees overnight. We trudge from store to store and become increasingly depressed at the prospect of never finding a suit that makes us look like we feel….

The first friend decided to take the plunge- she had her augmentation. Her friends lovingly referred to her as their own “Guinea Pig”. The friends were together from the consultation, through the pre-op and helped care for her and her children after the surgery. Over a two year span, everyone in the group had either a breast augmentation or a breast lift (mastopexy).

To celebrate, they all took a fabulous spring vacation complete with brand new bathing suits and lined up on the beach for a group photo. One of the patients brought the photo in for Dr. Chris to see and she proudly reported that this year not one of her friends suffered through a bout of ‘bathing suit frustration”.

If you need help fighting bathing suit frustration, please contact us about breast augmentation in Columbus.