Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

New cosmetic techniques allow patients the opportunity to transfer fat from unwanted areas of the body to the breasts. This technique can be used in augmentation or reconstruction procedures. Many patients enjoy the idea of ‘all natural’ breast enlargement without the use of implants. Fat transfer was considered controversial in the past, but modern research has indicated there is no evidence that fat transfer is less safe than any other breast surgery. A major advantage of fat transfer (fat grafting) would be its ability to correct flaws such as rippling that some past implant patients may experience. Surgeons practicing these new techniques think that fat is a completely natural substance, so therefore it creates a more natural shape and look when used to augment, correct, or reconstruct the breast. While many endorse these new techniques, others relay skepticism based upon the extensive surgical time compared to traditional breast augmentation with implants, and in turn increased cost for patients. As with most cosmetic procedures the results patients experience are directly correlated to the surgeon’s experience and expertise. The jury may still be out on fat transfer, but the presence of new procedures and innovations just like this one in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery are exciting. It is reassuring to know healthcare professionals are continually working to find the best treatments and solutions for all patients.