Breast Capsular Contracture

Capsular contracture of breast implants has been a huge problem for patients for a long time. The topic is just beginning to receive overdue notoriety in plastic surgery literature. Patients with capsular contracture complain of firm hard breasts which have lost their shape. It’s embarrassing for the women to hug or brush up against other people.

Dr. Ronald Levine, a plastic surgeon from Toronto, Canada recently published a review of 350 cases of capsular contracture. 191 women had textured implants, like the ones used at The Sullivan Centre, and 168 women had smooth walled implants. Not surprisingly, capsular contracture was 19 times more common with smooth walled implants.

American Plastic Surgeons have been slow to catch on to textured implants, but not Dr. Chris. She has been using textured implants since 1995, and has a contracture rate of less than 1% for textured saline and textured silicone implants over the last seventeen years.