Breast Lift Will My Bra Size Change? Columbus Ohio

Bra Size Change After Breast Lift Columbus Ohio

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00 : 08 - Question For Bra Size Change
00 : 12 - Answer To Size Change
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Breast Lift Will My Bra Size Change?

Hello, my name is Christine Sullivan. I’m a plastic surgeon from Columbus Ohio.
The question is will my bra size change after a breast lift?

The answer is that it can change if in fact you have some volume removed with the mastopexy. That’s always an option. So if in fact, you feel like your breast is too big and droopy, you can have your breast lifted and have some tissue removed.

What I usually instruct patients on though is that if you don’t have any tissue removed and you’re lifting that breast up making that skin enveloped tighter. You can feel bigger because the projection or the part that sticks out is much more up and out as compared to going down and going towards the floor.