Client Success Story

Thank you so much Dr. Michael Sullivan and Dr. Christine Sullivan, you both are excellent, gifted talented surgeons, you both and the whole staff at Sullivan Center are, professional, helpful, caring and pleasant. I recently had a lower/mid face lift and it looks so natural, with so little recovery time. I had the surgery on a Monday two days later after the bandages were removed, I really would have been fine to go out, but I chose to stay in and watch Nextflix. Next week will be two weeks after the surgery and I will be back at the gym taking Zumba Classes.

A few years before this, I had my nose done (Rhinoplasty Surgery) Dr. Michael Sullivan did an excellent job. I never liked my nose even when I was a little girl it was too long and big, then I broke it when I was 20, I had a surgeon try to repair it with poor results. Dr. Sullivan made it better than I could have hoped for and my nose now fits my face.

A few years before that, I had my first experience at the Sullivan Center. Dr. Christine Sullivan did my tummy tuck, and after the birth of two children - I needed one. I’m so happy to have more choices with fashion and I can wear a two-piece swim suit, if I choose. I am also in my mid-50’s.

And, if I decide to have any other cosmetic surgeries I will only have them at Sullivan Center.