Columbus, Ohio breast implants made in the USA

The breast implants preferred by Dr. Sullivan are those which are made in the USA.

Red White and Boom, the 4th of July, the Olympics ….  These upcoming events evoke a sensation of patriotism and pride in our country.  I remember being a child in the 1970’s and watching my parents carefully check the labels in our clothing and toys and only buying items marked “made in the USA”.  These were labels on clothing and toys… I can imagine what my mother’s reaction would be if she thought I would put something inside my body that wasn’t made in the United States of America.

A few years ago there was great concern about products made in other countries not being safe for children due to the safety hazards of materials used in the toys.  Over 960,000 toys were recalled.  I very clearly remember my daughter crying as I had to throw away her Dora the Explorer house because it was not safe due to lead paint. This single event made me pay closer attention to where items are manufactured. I can tell you that it is very difficult to find items made in the USA but when I have a choice, I am “Team USA” all the way.

They say everything is bigger in Texas and this rings true as the only all made –in- the- USA breast implants are manufactured near the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in a 145,000 square foot facility. Johnson and Johnson (A name you can TRUST) manufacturers Mentor breast Implants. This is in large part why Dr. Christine Sullivan is an advocate of their product.