Have you ever Googled tummy tuck?

Have you ever Googled “Abdominoplasty”, “Tummy tuck” or “Liposuction”? We just did and were amazed by the amount of information available on each of these procedures.

The information was overwhelming which made us question how concerned patients can find the right information. Some of this information is spot on and much is either greatly exaggerated or completely understated. We have all hit that point when our clothing isn’t fitting just right and after awhile many of us will take to the internet to find a solution. Our best advice is beware. You cannot believe everything you read. Your best option is to contact a board certified reputable plastic surgeon and schedule a consultation. The following questions should be asked during your initial visit:

  1. How many tummy tucks, liposuction, abdominoplasty have your preformed?
  2. What is your satisfaction rate?
  3. What are the risks and benefits of a specific procedure for me?
  4. What is my expected outcome?
  5. Can I see photos of what I should expect?

The internet can be an amazing tool for research but it is more important than ever to consider the source of information.
We recently saw a 50 year old patient, Mary, who was concerned with weight gain following menopause. She decided to visit three separate plastic surgeons to make certain she was receiving the best opinion. We asked Mary about her visits and she summarized them for us:

Visit 1: The Doctor was really nice and the office was well decorated. When the surgeon came in he asked me to stand up. He said a tummy tuck would be my best option. He performed an examination and asked some questions about my health history and stated I could have surgery within 2 weeks.

Visit 2: The Doctor entered the room and was very nice. She said CoolSculpting would be my very best option. I asked about a tummy tuck and she said CoolSculpting could get the results without the risk of surgery. This left me confused so I asked the receptionist for a brochure on the way out of the office. This practice did not do abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgeries even though it was mentioned on the website.

Visit 3: Dr. Chris Sullivan entered the room and asked me about my goals. I explained I was concerned with weight gain following menopause. She asked about my diet and exercise. I admitted that I am so busy I often just grab something quick. Dr. Chris examined me and that explained that I needed to lose weight before a surgical plan could be made. She explained the various options with me that may potentially help but I needed to put in the work in order to have a successful outcome. She asked me to come back in three months. Her staff gave me the business card of a nearby gym.
After reading the above, which plastic surgery practice would you choose?