Facial Plastic Surgery Review Sites - Columbus, Ohio

Good morning, I'm Dr Michael Sullivan, facial plastic surgeon at the Sullivan Centre in Columbus, Ohio. This morning I wanted to talk a little bit about review sites such as Yelp, RealSelf and Google+. A recent article in the Columbus Dispatch, and I think it was also reported in Good Morning America, about the number of fraudulent reviews that are being found in these sites.

It doesn't surprise me that there are companies out there that actually will create fraudulent reviews and sell them to companies, particularly if you can stay anonymous. To my knowledge, Google+ is the only site that requires individuals who write a review to actually identify themselves.

In cosmetic surgeries, it's very difficult for patients who want to stay anonymous and also want to write a nice testimonial for a practice to identify themselves. In plastic surgery, I think it's important for potential customers to look a these reviews with a grain of salt. If just one aspect of your evaluation as to whether you wanted to visit a practice or whether do you want to put that trust into your practice, I think you need to look at the website as a whole. You need to look at the philosophy of the practice. The reviews certainly weigh into that to some degree. But also visit that practice, visit other doctor, discuss their philosophy and you'll get a general comfort level or not, as to whether you want to stay with that practice. Also you can ask a physician who if there are patients who have had procedures who would be happy to talk with them. And that's a great way to evaluate how a practice performs.

So looking at reviews, I think, is just one aspect. You can't always put all of your weight in, whether practice has good or bad reviews.