Fat Transfer to the Breast Columbus, Ohio

My staff and I often receive questions about fat transfer to the breast and if this is a possible treatment for breast augmentation. I like to explain to my patients that there are two different scenarios where a surgeon may use fat transfer to the breast.  One is for breast reconstruction, particularly after having cancer.  In this case, I believe fat transfer to the breast is a wonderful opportunity that allows the surgeon to contour the breasts and improve the appearance. We have used fat transfer and fat injection to great success in restoring normal contours in the body as well as the face.

As far as breast augmentation however, I personally do not believe a fat transfer to the breast to be very effective because it takes a lot of fat to make a significant difference.  It is also difficult to attempt to develop a pocket where the fat can be transferred.

I hope this answer clears up a bit of confusion, but if you have any further questions you can call Sullivan Centre and we would be happy to accommodate you.