Going From Pregnancy to Olympic Fit - Liposuction in Columbus, Ohio


The Olympics are in full swing and I’m amazed by the number of Olympians like women’s beach volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings and track star Dara Torres who have had children and still manage to regain their Olympic competitive shape. I’m cycling this weekend in the Columbus Ohio Pelotonia with Stefanie’s Team of Hope to raise funds for breast cancer research. Many of the women on our team, including Dr. Christine Sullivan have also had children and continue to look healthy, fit and in great shape. I’m sure much of this is do to regular exercise, muscle ongoing and healthy living, but sometimes women need a little assistance after childbirth. There are a few plastic surgery procedures which can provide the answer.

The hormones of pregnancy alter the body’s natural metabolism. New mothers are more inclined to build fat stores. Despite exercise, bulges may persist in the lower abdomen and along the lateral hips, sometimes referred to as “saddle bags”. Liposuction can be very useful and necessary in these cases to remove the stubborn fat pockets. With repeated pregnancies, the abdominal wall support structures are stressed resulting in stretching of the abdominal wall, skin and internal support system. Under these circumstances, an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck may be helpful. In this surgical procedure, the internal girdle of the abdomen is tightened and the excess skin and fatty tissues are removed. The incision, which often can be hidden in the bikini line, depends on the amount and location of the excess kin. Similarly, breast engorgement with pregnancy ad breast feeding stretches the breast skin and supporting ligaments leading to deflated, sagging breasts. Lack of volume is routinely addressed with breast augmentation surgery. The safe, new, silicone breast implants, manufactured by Mentor Inc, are the only breast implant made in the USA. Implants will restore the natural shape and appearance of the new mother’s breast. Sagging of the breast tissue is dealt with by a breast lift or mastopexy procedure.

There is nothing more beautiful and miraculous than the birth of a child. However, childbirth is not kind to a woman’s body. A healthy diet and regular exercise can help restore the pre-pregnancy shape but when this is not enough, plastic surgery can be of great benefit. An abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction, breast reduction, breast lift or breast augmentation in Columbus, Ohio may be your answer.