How often should I get Botox and how long does it last?

Hello my name is Dr Michael Sullivan, facial plastic surgeon at the Sullivan Centre in Columbus Ohio. I specialize in facial plastic surgery and I do allot of non-surgical facial enhancement with botox and fillers.

A question I'm often asked by my patients is "How often should I get Botox?" and that varys for the individual but in general I would say most of my patients come twice a year. Certainly in the forehead area and the area between the eyebrows, usually I can get that area to respond to botox and last for about 6 months.

The area around the eyes are a little bit different in that muscle is a little bit thinner muscle and tends to recover a little bit more quickly so around the eyes for the crows feet for about 4 months is as long as it's going to last.

The first time patients get botox it won't last nearly as long, maybe around 4 months. I do tell my patients to make sure they monitor their own facial expressions. So once you notice that expression starting to come back that's the best time to do botox because if you do it at that point next time it's going to last longer. If you just let it wear off each time it's like starting over.

We want to repeat it just as we're starting to see that muscle starting to come back expecting that next time it's going to last longer, then eventually we get to the point where it's lasting for at-least 6 months, or more. Some patients, I just saw someone today and their botox last them 8 to 9 months.