How Much Younger Will You be with a Plastic Surgery?

Video Highlights

0:05 How many years can plastic surgery slash from your looks?
0:15 Dr Adamson & Simms study
0:27 The verdict from raters
0:33 Three years younger
0:38 Other views - 7-10 years younger
0:49 Why it's a wrong question to ask
1:10 The impact of plastic surgery

Hello, I'm Dr Michael Sullivan, facial plastic surgeon at the Sullivan Centre in Columbus Ohio. I'm often asked by patients how much younger will plastic surgery make me look. That's an interesting question and actually on Today's show recently, there was some discussion about this prompted by a recent article by Dr Joshua Simm and a very good friend of mine Dr Peter Adamson out of Toronto Canada. They looked in the number of different facial plastic procedures and had a number of raters looked at the results and suggested that patients looked about three years younger. This is in contrast to a number of studies that have been done in the past that suggest that patients will look anywhere from 7-10 years younger.

I think it's a wrong question to asked, to be honest with you. Patients will looked refreshed, they'll looked rejuvenated and most importantly they'll look liked themselves. Whether it be a forehead lift, a brow lift, mid face lift, neck lift or just a face lift. All of those procedures will cause patients to look not only younger but refreshed, rejuvenated and the important thing is that those changes will be permanent. They will last for the lifetime of the patient.