How to get Angelina Jolie Cheeks with Voluma ...

angelina jolie-cheeks

Just like the apple hitting Isaac Newton on his head; gravity often hits us as we age with little or no warning. One day we look in the mirror or look at an old photo from our wedding day and notice that our cheeks are not as full or as high as they use to be. Gravity is a heavy hitter and as we age our facial skin starts to sag, fat dissipates from our cheekbones and our youthful eyes start to hollow out; in turn we look tired and older.

Many see high cheek bones as a sign of beauty, trust worthiness and confidence. You can see this beauty and confidence when you look at pictures of Katherine Hepburn and Angelina Jolie. They are two examples of the apple cheeks we often look to achieve. At Sullivan Centre we use Juvederm Voluma® XC to restore mid facial and cheek fullness. Voluma is a non-animal base substance that is naturally found in our body so this helps eliminate any risk of allergic reaction. It is a safe and natural cosmetic filler that will help restore fullness to the face. The effects of Voluma will last 12-24 months. There is evidence that receiving a touch up before the Voluma dissipates will help enhance its lasting effects. Voluma is injected into the cheek area with a small needle. During the treatment there is small needle prick and a slight feeling of pressure as Voluma is being administered into your cheek area. Most people receive 2-3 vials to achieve the desired look. The results are immediate some patients might experience temporary bruising, numbness or redness after the injection.