Is It Time for a Change?

Is It Time for a Change in Your Makeup?

I went home to visit my aunt recently and noticed her conglomeration of makeup lying on her vanity table. It took me back to when I was a little girl and used to secretly play in her makeup. The problem is that 40-plus years later, she is wearing the same makeup and even using it in the same way.

Of course, she has replenished the lot several times over the years, but that ruby red lipstick and ocean blue eye shadow aren’t such a great look on someone who is now in her 70s. Some products work forever, like my favorite $5.00 mascara in the infamous hot pink and lime green tube. Others, though, not so much. We get older, we age, and the biggest mistake we make with makeup is that as we age, we continue to use it and apply it the same way we did when we were teens … the same colors year after year, with no regard to season or clothing choices … the same blush color, even though now our skin tone is a little redder than it used to be. We even pluck our eyebrows in the same manner without regard to the ever-changing shape of our face. So take a minute … think about how you have changed your makeup over the years. If you haven’t, it’s never too late to start.

Bonus Tip: Go to a professional and have your eyebrows professionally waxed. You will not believe the difference it makes!