Mommy Makeover Columbus Ohio

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0:05 What is a Mommy Makeover?
0:10 TWo procedures for mommy makeover
0:16 Breast augmentation
0:22 Abdominoplasty
0:28 The case with pregnancy
0:34 How does pregnancy and breastfeeding affect your breast and abdomen
0:53 Can Skin abdomen be removed by exercise?
1:29 How much would it cost to have a mommy makeover?

Hi I'm Christine Sullivan, I'm a plastic surgeon in Columbus Ohio. I'm here to talk to you today about women requesting mommy makeovers.

What is a mommy makeover? What I tell them is it's working on two different areas. One being your breast and the surgery that we call that is called breast augmentation. The second surgery is working on the abdomen and that is called a tummy tuck or an abdominoplasty.

The reason why women need that is with pregnancies, that is the most frequent time where actually your breast and your abdomen change the most. So there's many times where women actually don't have a problem with their breast before they have children. But once they breastfed and have their children they have some concerns about their breast and the volume typically goes down after breastfeeding.

So therefore, augmentation is a good option for these women. Also for the abdomen, the removal of the skin is very possible. And that you cannot exercise that skin off. So the only option is to do an abdominoplasty and remove the skin as well making the internal girdle much tighter. Thank you.

Hi I'm Tracy, patient coordinator at the Sullivan Centre. The fees for a mommy makeover are going to be dependent on the exact natures of the procedure. Dr Sullivan will discuss with you in your consultation which procedures would be best appropriate for you. The average fee of a mommy makeover would be between $10000-$12000.