Different strokes for different folks, Microbladed brows


When you see the words dramatic, dreamy, bold and delicate you know they all mean something different. Each word is associated with its own characteristics. Just like these words our microblading brows here at the Sullivan Centre look different for each person and have their own characteristics to match the patient’s features and personality.

One statement we get quite often is “I don’t want to do microblading because I don’t want huge block brows.” This is why the Sullivan Centre is different because our brows are different. Our aestheticians, Dina and Adrian, are trained to use hair like strokes placing pigment into the layer just below the skin. This technique along with pigment that is matched to your specific color produces a brow that only the most discerning eye will know it is not your real hair.

During your consult with our aestheticians you will be given an over view of the entire process, how to care for your new brows after the procedure, restrictions and an eyebrow shaping. They will also make sure that you are a candidate for the procedure. They will make sure you are not using any medications that will prevent you from getting it done or to make sure you don’t have any skin conditions that may prevent you from having microblading. They might even ask you to bring in a picture of brows that you like so that they can get an idea of what look you like and make your microblading unique to you.

At your microblading appointment we will help you custom blend the perfect color for you. A topical numbing cream will be applied to your eyebrow area to help ease any discomfort. After 4-6 weeks you will come back for a follow up to see if a touch up is needed.

So what word will best describe your new look? Dramatic, Dreamy, Bold or Delicate.