Plastic Surgery Columbus, Ohio: Is it "worth" it?

What is it worth? This should be the question every potential plastic surgery candidate asks themselves before embarking on the endeavor of cosmetic surgery, whether it's getting a rhinoplasty, a face lift, liposuctionbreast implants, or other types of plastic surgery. 

The “worth” of plastic surgery means something different to everyone.  Some see this question literally as, “What does plastic surgery cost?”  Or “how much will it cost me to have plastic surgery?”

However, others see this question as a matter of time. “How much time will it take to heal from plastic surgery?” because to them time is money.

The only way to know if plastic surgery is “worth it” is to schedule a consultation.

Everything in life begins with education.  What sets us apart is our desire to educate patients on plastic surgery options.  We believe that if we educate patients on the benefits and the risks of plastic surgery (and yes, even the cost of plastic surgery) we are empowering them to answer the question, “Is plastic surgery worth it?” Here are the top questions you should ask during a plastic surgery consultation.

Our board-certified plastic surgeons have decades of experience in plastic surgery. They are the experts.  At Sullivan Centre we are different. We care about the inside, the outside and the financial side of our patients.  Call us at 614-436-8888 to experience the difference in plastic surgery in central Ohio. I can assure you, we are the exception.