Cost of Plastic Surgery Columbus Ohio

Plastic surgery costs will vary however there are five basic factors which are included in every plastic surgery cost.

  1. The Surgeon’s Fee: This is the fee a surgeon charges to perform a specific procedure. Patient should ask the surgeon is after care is included in this fee.
  2. OR, Operating Room or Facility fee: This is the fee for services, staffing and supplies used during your procedure. You should always make certain that the surgical center has full accreditation by the AAAHC or a similar safety governing body.
  3. Equipment Rental: This is the fee for specializes equipment that may not be available at every surgical center. For example, laser technology is constantly evolving therefore it is cost prohibitive to own a laser that could potentially be obsolete in a few years.
  4. Anesthesia Fees: Anesthesia fees are typically billed separately from the OR suite, because most of the anesthesia services are provided on a contractual basis. Make certain that your anesthesiologist is an MD board certified in anesthesiology.
  5. Pre-Operative Testing/Medications: Your surgeon will determine if pre-operative medical testing in needed. You current health, health history, and the types of prescription and over the counter medications you take may require the need for testing. Keep in mind that the goal is to have your procedure as safely as possible. In some cases, even though insurance does not cover plastic surgery, it may cover the costs of pre-operative medications and pre-operative testing as this is typically performed by your primary care physician.

Keep in mind that when it comes to plastic surgery, cheaper does not equal better. The most up-to-date technology and compliance to safety standards may make the procedure cost slightly higher, but it ensures the best results. When shopping the cost of plastic surgery procedures remember to ask for all inclusive prices.