The top questions every patient should ask during a plastic surgery consultation:

Is my surgeon a board certified plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon?

It is no longer enough to ask if your surgeon is “board certified”. You must now ask what that certification is in. There are ER Doctors and Gynecologists dabbling in plastic surgery these days. I hear this and think I would not trust my plastic surgeon to deliver a baby so why do patients trust this physician to perform good plastic surgery? Some Facial Plastic surgeons such as Dr. Michael Sullivan sub specialize in Rhinoplasty surgery although there isn’t a certification for this sub specialization.

Is every patient happy who has had surgery by Dr. Sullivan?

There is no surgeon in the world that has a 100% satisfaction rate and I would question the integrity of anyone who says they do. Of course every surgeon’s goal is to make their patient’s happy but sometimes the mark may be slightly missed. It is important to discuss with your surgeon (prior to surgery) your course of action if your expectations are not met.

Do you have any patients I can talk to who have had this surgery?

I like this question better than “Can I see photos of your work”. Any expert plastic surgeon understands how important it is for the patient to be happy with the results. Therefore the rhinoplasty surgeon needs to be a good listener as to the aspects of the nose the patient doesn’t like. Consider this: a patient has a very large nose which is a family trait. The patient wants to keep the shape of her nose but have a small bump removed to improve her profile. The surgeon delivers this and the patient is thrilled. You view this before and after photo online and dismiss the surgeon because you think the nose should have been overall smaller when you have no idea what the patient requested.
This, my friends, is also my issue with before and after photos thrown up on a website. Patients have no understanding of the patient’s needs and if they were met. Case in point: Google Jennifer Gray Plastic Surgery

How much is a rhinoplasty surgery?

My last job was with another plastic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio. This board certified plastic surgeon would never give a patient an exact quote. Patients were overcharged for pre and post operative visits and the surgeon has no set fee schedule. I lasted 48 hours at this practice. I have been with Dr. Michael Sullivan for 18 years (I think this speaks volumes about Dr. Sullivan) and I promise you we have a fee schedule. Our fees include all pre and post operative appointments that relate to your surgery.

How many Rhinoplasties has the surgeon performed?

One or two a year? One a month? One a quarter? These answers should be a red flag for any patient. Rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures to perform. Skill and communication and an understanding of the patient’s expectations must be carefully balanced with the genetic limitations. It takes at least 10,000 hours of dedicated study, training and experience to become an expert in rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Michael Sullivan has well over 10,000 hours of experience. He is cited in medical journals and recently authored a book for patients to learn more about Rhinoplasty surgery. It is currently being published and will be available soon. Please call 614.436.8888 to have your name added to our waiting list.

Will I end up looking like “ __________” (insert celebrity here).

If you choose the right board certified facial plastic surgeon you won’t.