Ulthera The Male Facelift

I have a number of male patients who would love to have a facelift, but are anxious about what others might think. Granted, it is more difficult for men to hide the initial redness from a facelift incision. Women have the luxury of wearing makeup and some of my male patients will as well. However, because as men we have a little more ruddy color to our skin, the facelift incision usually blends in more quickly than with female patients. However, with the advent of Ulthera there is now another option for patients who are either leery of or not quite ready for facelift surgery. Ulthera is a nonsurgical technique where ultrasonic energy is delivered through a handheld device to the substructure of the skin. The loose collagen and elastic fibers under the skin are tightened and new collagen develops. Results are more subtle than an actual facelift procedure, but for men who don't want down time or a scar, Ulthera is a reasonable option.

For more information visit http://www.ultherapy.com/.