Upper Arm Surgery - Columbus Ohio

Video Highlights

0:05 Interest groups who want upper arm alteration
0:14 Large weight loss groups
0:19 Bariatric surgery patients
0:49 Do you need brachioplasty?
0:55 Will there be scars?
1:07 The "bat wings"
1:16 Men and women who wants more upper arm definition
1:31 Liposuction option
1:36 Can lifting weights give better upper arm definition?
1:43 What about percent body fat?

A number of celebrities has brought much attention to the upper arm and the appearance of the upper arm. Specific groups of people who have interest in having their upper arm altered. One group is a group of individuals that have had a large weight loss. So from bariatric surgery and that's definitely increased over the last decade or so. When one is looking for improvement after bariatric surgery the biggest issue with ones upper arm is the majority of those people have way too much skin. So from that respect those people actually need to have excision of that skin not only some removal of fat.


Fortunately or unfortunately, there is an appearance of the scar on the upper arm and when thy take that into consideration that they are thinking of having a brachioplasty. And again I would usually tell patients that it takes a full year before you know what that scar will look like.

But their first and foremost reason for having the surgery is all that extra skin that we call kind of "bat wings". So it is a good option for those patients when they don't have any other options is you can excise skin.

Another group of patients include women or men that want more definition of their upper arm. These individuals are usually in pretty good shape and actually some of them are in very good shape. What they complain about is just a little bit of fat in their upper arm. With liposuction you can get a better definition of that upper arm that you cannot get with just lifting weights or decreased percent body fat.