What is a Mommy Makeover? Columbus Ohio ....

I remember when I was a little girl; all I wanted was to be a Mommy. My friends and I used to play house and pretend we were moms- one thing little girls never do is to pretend to exercise and diet while playing house…. We never played house with spanks or uncomfortable bras…. Little girls only see the joy in being a mom- as a mom I see all the joy but I also realized I needed to feel like a wife. I needed to feel good in my clothing…. I wanted to be able to fit into clothing comfortably without embarrassing my “babies”.

Our staff is made up primarily of women (except for Dr. Mike) and we all get it. We know what it’s like to finally, after months and months of struggling, hit your goal weight…what none of us knew is that the numbers on the scale are just that- numbers….

For some of us our body shape changed even with the number the same…. What’s a girl to do?

“What is a Mommy Makeover?” When I have the opportunity to answer our busy phones this is probably the number one question I get. The answer is both simple and complex. A Mommy Make-over is a series of surgical (or non-surgical ) options that address your concerns after having a baby. This is typically a breast treatment combined with a body treatment. The end goal is to restore your body to pre-baby status.

The complex answer is when a patient wants to know what specific procedures are needed. Because we all have different concerns following pregnancy the answer to this specific question is difficult however I can talk about generalizations. Most women have a concern with their breasts following pregnancy. Most women will fit into one of the following categories:

  • Your breasts have lost all tissue and you are left with mainly skin
  • Possible option: Breast augmentation – possible breast lift with breast augmentation.
  • Your nipples have disappeared and can be found only when you lift your breasts up
  • Possible Option: Breast Lift
  • Your breasts have remained several sizes too big once you have hit your goal weight.
  • Possible Option: Breast Reduction

Women also have concerns with their baby belly once the baby is no longer in the belly. Again, the may be several options to address this- the right one will be dependent upon your skin type and tone.

  • CoolSculpting- non invasive way to reduce fat cells.
  • Abdominoplasty- (tummy tuck) a surgical option to remove skin and fat
  • Liposuction- a surgical option to remove fat

So what is a mom to do? We suggest that you schedule a consultation with Dr. Christine Sullivan. Dr. Chris will help you develop a treatment plan that will fit your needs and help you achieve your “post-baby” body.