Will I Look Different After Rhinoplasty Columbus, Ohio

Will I Look Different After Rhinoplasty

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00.01 – 00.30 – Common question asked on Rhinoplasty
00.31 – 01.02 – People who have looked different after Rhinoplasty
01.03 – 01.51 – Amount of change after Rhinoplasty
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Hello, I’m Dr. Michael Sullivan, facial plastic surgeon at the Sullivan Center for plastic and cosmetic surgery in Columbus, Ohio. I specialize in Rhinoplasty surgery. Welcome to whiteboard Wednesday the Sullivan Center series on Rhinoplasty although today I don’t have a whiteboard. But I wanted to talk a little bit about a question that I am commonly asked and that is if I have a Rhinoplasty, am I going to look different.

Well, a couple of names that have come up oftentimes in our discussion is Jennifer Gray. Apparently she had a Rhinoplasty and looks nothing like her previous self. And recent name is Renesa Weneger. She apparently had some pilot surgery and doesn’t look like herself. So there are occasions where someone has such a dramatic change as a result of surgery that they may look different.

The nose is one of those areas where you are making an anatomical change. You’re removing bone and cartilage to change the structure of the nose. So obviously it is going to be different, it’s just a matter of how much change somebody is looking for. If you look at someone immediately after surgery oftentimes they don’t look a whole lot different because there is some swelling, there is some healing that’s going to occur. But if you look at the pictures from before and after, say for example at six months, you will notice a significant change in many cases. But that’s what patients are looking for. That’s the discussion that you need to have with your surgeon beforehand as to the amount of change that you are looking for.