You can’t always get what you want, but if you are lucky, you get what you need.

Every late spring we are inundated with phone calls about breast augmentation. Many of these calls are made by parents who wish to give their daughters a breast augmentation as a graduation gift.  

This may sound strange to many, but in my 20 years as a patient coordinator, I have found that most of these parents have spent a lot of time discussing this with their daughters.  The resounding thought is that these young women want to go away to college with a confidence in their bodies and feel that breast augmentation will provide this confidence.  Most parents are very upfront when they call to schedule a consultation and they want to share their reasoning over the phone.  We, at Sullivan Centre provide a “no judgment zone” for our patients and their parents. 

Dr. Christine Sullivan provides consultations for young women considering breast augmentation. Not every young woman who wants to have a breast augmentation is immediately a candidate for one.  Dr. Chris discusses with patients their concerns and she has a unique way of helping these young women see themselves in the future.  Breast augmentation surgery is a lifetime commitment.  At some point, the breasts will need to have additional procedures relating to the implants. Is an 18 year old capable of understanding the potential consequences of an elective surgery?  Sometimes the answer to this is yes, but most of the time Dr. Chris asks her patients to go to college, mature, grow and come back and see us in a year.

I am amazed at the growth I see in these young women in one year. I have countless letters from patients thanking Dr. Chris for suggesting they wait a year and most wait longer than that before having surgery due to the age restrictions on specific breast implants.  In this one year’s time, I like to think that our potential patients have gained confidence in themselves above and beyond their dreams.  Just last week I saw a patient who was last here when she was 19.  She now has two beautiful children and is interested in a Mommy Make-over. When I asked her why she chose us she said, “Dr. Chris is the face of integrity and honesty and I hope my daughters are lucky enough to meet people like her during their lifetime.”    She also thanked Dr. Chris for NOT giving her breast implants at 18 years old.

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