Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Chemical Peel
Deep Chemical peels results in healthier, glowing skin. Medium-depth chemical peels not only cause exfoliation of the outer epidermis, but also penetrate into the top layers of the dermis. In so doing, medium-depth peels set off a chain reaction in the skin to reorganize and make new collagen, adding to the collagen-elastic matrix layer. The new skin is fresher, smoother and somewhat tighter. With a 35% Trichloroacetic acid chemical peel, expect the recovery process to take at least a week. Makeup can usually be applied by the 7th day, when normal activity can also be resumed. Results will typically last for 12–24 months.
Number of Peels
1 peel once a year
Treatment Areas
Face, Neck, Chest
Treatment Time
30 minutes
Recovery Time
7-10 days
Peeling, redness, swelling and brown crispy skin
Lasting Effects
1-2 years


The immediate benefits include radiant and glowing skin, which is evident after one peel. A slight tightening of the skin, improvement in clarity, better color and smoother skin texture are also benefits you will notice after light peel treatments.

Check out this video of Dr. Mike performing a TCA peel:

The Sullivan Difference

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The specific risks and possible complications as they relate to Chemical Peels will be discussed at your initial consultation.